Designer Dossier: Nevaeh Intimates

Nevaeh Intimates I FW15 Collection

“Nevaeh [is] the secret password to unlock the gates of paradise.” – Count of St. Germain

The night changes how a woman feels. It creates unforgettable, untamed dreams, suggests forbidden thoughts, and taps into our innermost desires. The night transforms us. Yet, can it be possible to move throughout our busy day of demands and deadlines luxuriously, secretly anticipating what night will bring? Absolutely, says the creator of Nevaeh Intimates, Melissa Franchi.

We caught up with the designer and FIT grad to find out more about mixing screen siren glamour with modern day sensibilities, keeping production in New York City’s Garment District, and how to seduce without being over the top.

Melissa Franchi of Nevaeh Intimates
Melissa Franchi, Right, of Nevaeh Intimates

You have an extensive background in lingerie design stemming from your time in the prestigious Intimates program at FIT. What led you to design in this industry in particular?

I’ve always had a passion for lingerie. My studies and experience in production further ignited a spark for me to pursue this area of the industry. I enjoy the fact that it allows you to evoke emotions and awaken the senses; being able to use the body as your canvas to showcase an inner strength or bring out a certain desire.

Prior to starting Nevaeh, you spent some time working for other design houses (Oscar de la Renta, Ann Sui, Betsey Johnson, to name a few). What was the most challenging part of transitioning from in-house design to launching your own label?

The process of placing all the pieces together to form a brand that women can connect with. It truly is entering the unknown – challenging yet exciting.

We love that your brand is a throwback to old Hollywood glamour, yet updated for today’s modern woman. What draws you to that era and how do you keep pieces fresh and contemporary?

I’m drawn to the level of effortless elegance, the unique sensuality and strength these women brought forth no matter what shape and size. For today’s modern woman, we infuse a contemporary approach that makes our sultry styles wearable and functional. Particularly our adjustable and removable features that allow functional luxury day to night.

You’re a past supporter of & participant in Lingerie Fashion Week’s “Made in NY” showcases. What about keeping production in New York City is most important to you?

It’s important for us to keep the values and workmanship of American manufacturing strong in a global economy – however challenging for an independent brand! Allowing production to be right here in New York also allows us to keep an active focus on the quality of our product.

Your brand is very much about femininity meeting function, but also about allure and seduction. What are your top 3 DO’s for seduction?

  1. Eye contact
  2. Self-confidence –> so important!
  3. Element of surprise

What 5 pieces under-essentials MUST every modern woman have in her lingerie drawer?

  1. The LBB: Black Balconette Bra
  2. A lace adjustable thong
  3. An alluring cage or peek-a-boo brief
  4. Stay up thigh highs
  5. A provocative slip

What’s next for Nevaeh? 

We’re excited to launch our “Tale of Desire” collection for Fall – sheer fabrications such as tulle and floral motif eyelash lace accent the skin, while new silhouettes including a Double Cup Bralette, Babydoll, and Flutter-Sleeved Bed Jacket scream playtime.

If I could have any 1 person in the world (past or present) wear Nevaeh, it would be:  So hard to choose just 1! It would have to be Jane Birkin, Faye Dunaway or Michelle Pfeiffer.

My favorite lingerie moment in film is:  Have to go with Sienna Miller in Layer Cake and Kim Basinger in 9 ½ weeks.

If I could live in any past decade, it would be:  1930’s

On a typical night, I can be found sleeping in: A lace chemise or briefs only.

If I could pack up and go anywhere in the world tomorrow, I’d go to:  Little Corn Island, Nicaragua

If we were to find you at a bar, you would be drinking: Tequila

Brief or Thong? Depends on the situation.

Underwire or No Underwire? Underwire

Stay-up Thigh Highs or Stockings & Garter Belt? Stay up – no muss no fuss!

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