From Under Garments to Water Garments: NOE Debuts Swimwear

Launched in 2013 by twin sisters Bonnie Rae and Shelah Jean, NOE Garments has quickly catapulted to cult-following status with editors, stylists and celebs alike (case in point: Jaime King and Lorde) clamoring to get their hands on the label’s minimalist x progressive under + outer garments. Born and raised in Hawaii and currently based out of Laguna Beach, CA (Bonnie) and Hanalei, Kauai (Shelah), it’s no surprise the design duo has returned back to their beachside roots with the launch of NOE Water Garments for Spring/Summer 2016.

Solid-colored cut out bikinis, asymmetrical one pieces, catsuits and more mirror the brand’s signature streamlined aesthetic, fabricated from UPF 50+ Italian stretch fabrics designed for function and fashion both in, and out, of the water. Just released earlier this week, the collection ($105.00 – $295.00) is now shoppable here.

Below, check out the debut range as well as get the scoop from Shelah herself on expanding from under –> water, the duo’s top 5 fave beach destinations, best beach babe moment in film, and what’s next for NOE.

Select looks from the debut NOE Water Garments collection, available now here. Click any image to launch slideshow view.

1. What would you say was the most challenging (or surprising) thing about expanding from under-garments to water-garments?

My sister (and partner with NOE) and I are both from Hanalei, Kauai. We grew up in bikinis and on the beach.  Our passion for swimwear has always played a big part in our designs with undergarments and bodysuits. We always knew it was only a matter of time before we launched the ‘water’ side of NOE.  The transition has been fairly simple…molding from one area to another has been very inspiring + motivating!

2. Top 5 favorite beach destinations:

Beaches are like colors of the rainbows, all are amazing…BUT if we had to pick our tops the list would start with:

1) Our home and where we are from: Hanalei Bay, Kauai.

2) Tunnels Beach, Kauai -spent many days laying on the white sand and surfing on the outer reef.

3) Laguna Beach, California

4) We love the remote beaches of Northern California.

5) Can’t pass up Waikiki Beach in Oahu!

3. Fave beach babe moment in film:  

Halle Berry in James Bond… XOXO

NOE Water Garments designers Bonnie Rae & Shelah Jean
NOE Designers Shelah Jean (left) and Bonnie Rae (right)

4. Because we have to ask…if you were stranded on an island, what 3 items would you have with you?  

1) Of course we would want our NOE Water Garments – made with UPF 50, breathable fabric that always keeps you cool and protected!

2) Shiseido Sunscreen – we always aim to protect our skin.

3) Bottled WATER – so important to be hydrated in the sun!

5. Sunrise or sunset?

Sunrise… we are both early birds! Love the colors of the early morning hours…peaceful and so calm.

6. What’s next for NOE?

We have so many exciting projects that lie ahead for our label…We will be premiering our AW16 collection at Capsule in NY in a few weeks which is incredibly unique and different. We have some limited edition pieces coming out that are very special as well… we can’t wait to share more!

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Select looks from the debut NOE Water Garments collection, available now here. Click any image to launch slideshow view.