This Loungewear Line is Thoughtfully Designed For Women Undergoing & Recovering From Breast Cancer Treatment

This Game-Changing Loungewear Line is Specifically Designed For Women Undergoing & Recovering From Breast Cancer Treatment I {un}covered

As avid devotees to the practice of lounge life, we love finding a new line of cozy, curl-up-at-home meets out-of-the-house-appropriate over things. When said loungewear comes with a game-changing mission to better the lives of women? Saying we’re on board would be an understatement.

Introducing Recovery Loungewear from AnaOnoa collection of stylish, comfortable and functional lounge pieces thoughtfully designed for women undergoing and recovering from breast cancer treatment. Lightweight, gentle and breathable silhouettes ranging from robes to wrap dresses lend comfort to sensitive skin, scar tissue and incision sites, including a Removable Recovery Drain Belt offering a much-needed upgrade to the utilitarian belts currently on the market.

Filling a long-standing void for stylish yet functional post-mastectomy wear, AnaOno Designer, Survivor and all-around boss babe Dana Donofree created Recovery Loungewear to meet the specific needs of women both undergoing and in recovery from breast cancer treatments. A time when managing simple daily tasks (such as getting dressed in the morning) can become difficult and anxiety-inducing, as Dana knows all too well. It was the day before her 28th birthday and two months before her wedding when the Savannah College of Art and Design grad was diagnosed with Infiltrative Ductal Carcinoma (IDC). Following a bilateral mastectomy, reconstructive surgery and a grueling regimen of chemotherapy, Dana knew her life was never going to be the same.

“I wasn’t prepared to leave the hospital after my mastectomy, nor had I set my expectations for what was to come,” says Dana. “Recovery becomes complex once you realize how limited your range of motion is. Simple tasks like getting dressed become the most difficult part of your day, as your arms simply can’t move. Feeling comfortable post-surgery is so important to your overall experience and strength while in recovery.” 

After honing her skill sets at several popular design houses, Dana took the leap and set out to create a line of her own dedicated to other women battling breast cancer. The mission? To build confidence and redefine what it means to be sexy during and post-surgery, while reminding survivors and women in the fight that they are never alone.

AnaOno, a composition of Dana’s first and last names, made its debut last year with a line of strategically designed non-wire bras and sports bras for women of all shapes, sizes and surgeries – to an overwhelming response of support. Now, AnaOno lingerie, loungewear and the recently debuted MAKEMERRY Collection by AnaOno present a full suite of stylish, comfortable and functional lingerie and lounge solutions conscientiously designed for the beginning of the journey to surgery, radiation, recovery and life beyond.

Here, a look at the Recovery Loungewear line as shot in a powerful, inclusive photo campaign featuring real women in the fight against breast cancer. Each silhouette is lovingly named in tribute after a woman lost in the battle, a dedication and celebration of their lives while simultaneously providing strength, community and encouragement to women still in the fight.

Click any image below to launch gallery view; all photos by Tracy Birdsell

The Silhouette: Designed for wear during or post-treatment, the Miena Robe ($78.00) offers generous coverage without rubbing on scar tissue and incisions, featuring a tie-front bodice for ease of dressing.

Worn by: 

Kathleen, from San Diego, CA: “This June I celebrated my 3rd year of surviving Stage III IDC and 9 surgeries with a bonus total hysterectomy. Months of chemotherapy and radiation was exhausting, but breast cancer has made me a better person. Life goes on, and I’m so grateful and thrilled to be alive. I spend my time now as a mother and floral designer – flowers are my therapy.”

Sandi, 46 from Clarksboro, NJ: “I was diagnosed at age 39 with stage II invasive lobular carcinoma – and kicked it to the curb with a bilateral mastectomy, chemo and radiation. Currently living life to the fullest by appreciating everyone and everything that comes my way. Life’s greatest accomplishment thus far has been raising three awesome boys who have been by my side every step of the way on this journey.”

Miena, from CA: The robe named in memory of, Miena is sadly no longer with us. From AnaOno: “Miena was on a mission to never turn down an opportunity that came her way, and modeling for AnaOno was one of them. She had never done anything like it before, and when she got behind the lens her beauty immediately showed through. She was battling inflammatory breast cancer and undergoing new and alternative therapies when we did the shoot. She was tired, but more than happy and honored to be included. She also wanted to share with other women that while cancer may beat you down and wear you out, it will NOT strip you of your beauty. May she rest in peace.”

The Silhouette: Perfect for wear in or out of the home, the luxe Kara Wrap Dress ($68.00) offers generous coverage without rubbing on scar tissue and incisions, featuring a tie-front bodice for ease of dressing.

Worn by: 

Marenda, 41 from Compton, CA: “I was diagnosed at age 39 with Triple Negative Breast Cancer, stage I, BRCA1+. My husband discovered a lump in my breast – my doctors say he saved my life. I went through six rounds of chemotherapy, had a bilateral mastectomy with reconstruction. I’ve since changed my entire life – everything! I just completed flight attendant training and am now a working flight attendant based in San Francisco. I am cancer-free, doing well and taking life one day at a time.”

Fern, 34 from Orange County, CA: “I was diagnosed at 33, a year and a half after my son was born and right as we were buying our house. Not exactly convenient timing! I discovered my own lump during a self exam. Luckily my doctor took it seriously and immediately referred me to have a diagnostic mammogram and ultrasound. They found cancer, which led to my decision to have a bilateral mastectomy with reconstruction.”

The Silhouette: Perfect for wear in or out of the home, the step-in Conley Romper ($68.00) is also strategically designed for ease of wear, eliminating the need to lift arms up overhead while dressing or undressing. Wide kimono-style short sleeves further feature mesh panels for added breathability. 

Worn by: 

Kami, 30 from Los Angeles, CA: “I was diagnosed at 26 with stage I triple positive breast cancer. My diagnosis required me to undergo chemotherapy, radiation and hormone treatments. I was right in the middle of grad school when diagnosed, but decided to continue with my classes while going through treatments. It gave me a distraction! I have now been in remission for two years and five months. Life after cancer has had it’s ups and downs emotionally, but with the support of friends, family, and my soul sisters who I have met through the breast cancer community, I am thriving at 30! I feel healthy and happy.”

Amanda, 33 from Huntington Beach, CA: “I was diagnosed at age 30 with stage II HER2+ disease. BRCA1 mutation carrier. I was pregnant during the AnaOno shoot and happy to say I’ve just had my first baby, a beautiful healthy girl.”

The Silhouette: All styles are compatible with the removable Recovery Drain Belt ($15.00), a much-needed stylish upgrade on the utilitarian drain belts currently on the market. The belt easily attaches and detaches to the Robe, Wrap Dress and Romper, designed to wrap across the front of the body vs. all the way around for comfortable yet effective wear. Each belt includes two removable pouches, and up to two belts (four pouches total) can be worn with any Recovery Loungewear style at any given time.

Worn by: Kathleen and Amanda (see above)