Ladies, Here’s Your (Genius) Solution For Slipping Bra Straps

The Strap Saver I Ladies, Meet Your Bra's New BFF: The Wardrobe Hack Instantly Shortening Stretched Out, Too-Long Straps I {un}covered

Effectively, your bra’s new BFF.

Let’s be honest. How annoying is it when the strap of your bra, sports bra, swimsuit, tank top or otherwise has stretched out (or was too long to begin with) and a) keeps slipping off your shoulder b) has eliminated your garment’s support, and/or c) has managed to ruin the fit of said strappy attire altogether? Incredibly bothersome is an understatement.

The good news? Now you can say buh-bye to loose, slipping straps with the genius of The Strap Saver: a no-sew wardrobe solution instantly shortening too-long straps beyond the power of your built-in adjuster. Bonus: it even works on straps that don’t have any built-in adjusters at all. Not just limited to bras, the clever device extends to your favorite sports bras, swimsuits, camisoles, tank tops, dresses and more – essentially, just about anything with a strap. We’re looking at you too, extra-long handbags. The result? Instantly shortened, adjustable straps not only saving you the valuable time you may have spent attempting to sew your straps in place (plus, if you’re anything like us…crooked seams), but also prevents you from replacing your bra, bikini top, et al altogether. Because we all know that money is far better spent plotting your next escape to wear said bikini top. 

Made in the USA from ceramic coated, 18-gauge stainless steel for durability, The Strap Saver currently comes in 3 colorways (Black, Tan and Metallic), 4 sizes (1/4”, 1/2”, 3/4” and 1”) and 2 strengths (Regular and Extra Strength). How to know what size you need? Simply measure the width of your strap.

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The patent-pending solution comes to life from the minds of Shari Deutsch & Beth Lieberman, partners-in-crime since college (Syracuse University) who have effectively blended creative and business-savvy backgrounds with a set of smart engineering partners to provide a solution to sagging straps – and busts. Supporting said busts both in the bra, and beyond, 5% of all year-round sales are donated to Jill’s Wish, a non-profit organization dedicated to offering women financial assistance while undergoing breast cancer treatment.

The Strap Saver is available now at $15.00 for the 1st pair; $10.00 for subsequent pairs, with free shipping anywhere in the United States and $2.00 flat rate international. Scoop up your pair here.

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All above images courtesy of The Strap Saver.