20 Questions With: Tone It Up Fitfluencers Karena + Katrina

20 Questions With: Tone It Up's Karena Dawn + Katrina Scott

Meet the fitness & nutrition power duo simplifying a healthy lifestyle.

What happens when two workout-aholics meet at the gym on a Friday night and swap tales from the fitness trenches? They join forces to launch Tone It Up, a healthy lifestyle community offering members a judgement-free, “friend to friend” approach to fitness, nutrition and overall wellness. The brainchild of California-based Karena Dawn and Katrina Scott, the platform has since achieved cult-following status with an ever-growing number of members seeking a simplified approach to health – all within a network of like-minded women to lean on, and lift up, in the process.

Because besties do it better, Tone It Up has further taken off with brand extensions including the pair’s Perfect Fit Protein, Beach Waves Texture Spray, exclusive Bandier activewear collaboration and more, with no slowing down in sight.

We caught up with the power duo on jaw-dropping transformations, protein powder do’s & don’ts, the workout essentials they can’t live without, plus – their go-to guilty pleasure snack (further proof that everyone’s got one).

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1. Walk us through how you both met – and how you decided to become nutrition partners-in-crime (or rather, health)?

Katrina: We met on a Friday night at the gym! We quickly realized how we both had similar passions for health and fitness and decided to share our passion with others by shooting YouTube videos about workouts and nutrition.

2. You’ve directly contributed to some amazing transformations, which readers can view here. Have there been any in particular that stand out as the most inspiring?

Karena: We’re literally so impressed by ALL of our #TIUteam. Everyday we scroll through the hashtag #TIUTransformation and we’re just in awe at all of these incredible boss babes!!

3. Congratulations on the continued success of Perfect Fit Protein – and your recent alignment with Pro-Surfer Sage Erickson! Tell us 5 top things we need to know about this product:

a. It’s organic, gluten free and non-GMO!

b. Plant-based made from pea and pumpkin seed protein!

c. It tastes AMAZING in baked goods as an alternative to flour. We love it in our Perfect Fit Pancakes!

d. It helps boost muscle recovery after a workout.

e. It keeps the munchies at bay!

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4. For women new to protein powder, tell us your top 3 protein DO’s:

a. Try making protein pancakes! We seriously make these every morning. So tasty.

b. Experiment with fun protein bites! These are perfect snacks to tide you over between meals -try out our Chocolate Almond Bites!

c. A post workout protein smoothie is ideal 30 minutes after you’ve finished your workout! It aids in muscle repair and decreases recovery time.

5. & your top 3 protein DON’TS:

a. Don’t eat too much protein! We recommend 1 serving a day of our Perfect Fit. You absolutely need protein to recover from workouts, but too much of anything will just turn into fat!

b. We’ve found that for the baked goods, they’re best consumed within 3-4 days for maximum flavor and freshness. So, don’t go past 5 days if you’re making a protein muffin, cake, pancake or cookies! You heard us… protein cookies… yum.

c. Don’t use a regular water bottle to shake your protein in. We recommend a blending component to fully incorporate protein with any liquid – try our Shaker Bottle!

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6. Running 1 business is no small feat, let alone 2 between Tone It Up and Perfect Fit! Tell us your top 3 tips for a balanced #bossbabe life:

a. Work with people you like to be around. We’re a family at the #TIUhq, so work is fun!

b. Make sure to fit in one thing just for yourself each day. This could be meditating, cooking, your TIU workout or reading! Just do something for yourself.

c. Make time for your family and friends. Have a date night with your guy and plan a girls trip with your besties.

7. Top 5 workout essentials:

a. Comfortable, flexible workout apparel that makes you feel like the confident boss babe that you are.

b. Sunglasses if you plan on taking your workout outside (which we love to do!).

c. Easy travel equipment that you can bring with you where ever you go. We love booty bands and resistance bands! They’re extremely light but provide some major resistance.

d. Comfy socks to keep your feet happy during your workout!

e. A motivating music playlist! We have a summer playlist that keeps us groovin’ during our workout.

8. Top 5 favorite active wear brands:

Anything from Bandier. They carry a ton of different brands so that’s 5 answers in 1! 😉

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9. My go-to healthy snack is:

Karena: Green juice

Katrina: a Perfect Fit Protein Bite

10. My go-to guilty pleasure snack is:

Karen: Hot wings

Katrina: Dark chocolate

11. If I weren’t running a fitness & nutrition empire, I would be:

Katrina: Running an arts and crafts business.

Karena: Painting

12. If I could be any 1 person’s resident nutritionist (past or present), it would be:

Karena: Frank Sinatra

Katrina: Britney Spears!

13. If I could only do 1 yoga pose for the rest of my life, it would be:

Karena: Warrior 2

Katrina: Tree pose! 😉

14. My workout power song is:

Katrina + Karena: Anything by Queen Bey

15. My perfect weekend is spent:

Karena: Walking on the strand, doing yoga and painting!

Katrina: Spending time with my puppy and husband and going on the boat with friends!

16. If I could pack up and go anywhere in the world tomorrow, I’d go to:

Karena: I love Palm Springs and Hawaii.

Katrina: Santorini, Greece. Love it!

17. Squats or Lunges?

Karena + Katrina: Squats

18. Peanut Butter or Nutella?

Karena + Katrina: Peanut Butter

19. Early Riser or Night Owl?

Karena: Early riser

Katrina: Night owl

20. What’s next for K+K?

Katrina: We’re always creating new workout videos, recipes, apparel, protein flavors and beauty products – anything is possible with Tone It Up! 😉

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