5 Simple Ways to Better Beauty Sleep In Honor of World Sleep Day (& Every Day)

Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's, 1961 I 5 Ways to Better Sleep In Honor of World Sleep Day (& Every Day)

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Sleep. The desired nightly experience that for many equates to rest, relaxation and rejuvenation, while for others leads to just the opposite – long, sleepless nights spent tossing, turning and staring at the ceiling…resulting in a serious wrong-side-of-the-bed next morning. Wherever you fall on the sleep spectrum, we’ve prepared 5 simple snooze tips to help everyone catch those elusive beauty zzz’s more effectively, from detoxing your bedroom to best ways to prep your body + mind for light’s out. So now you can wake up on the right side of the bed every day – and in honor of World Sleep Day (yes, it’s a thing).

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1. Avoid technology before bedtime. Sophia Ruan Gushée, author of A-to-Z of D-Toxing: The Ultimate Guide to Reducing Our Toxic Exposures, encourages detoxing your bedroom to help create a peaceful night’s sleep, every night:

“Turn off your TV and computer a few hours before going to bed each night. The blue light emitted from video displays can confuse your body clock and keep you awake. Studies have found that blue light from technology screens can disrupt sleep, and electromagnetic fields from electronics may contribute to various adverse health effects, including DNA damage, reproductive issues, and obesity.”

2. Prep your body for sleep with a calming pre-zzz soak. No better way to wind down than with a relaxing soak in the tub – unless you add in some soothing bedtime sips. Our picks:

From left: Kiss the Moon Dream Bedtime Bath Infusions £20, filled with lavender, bergamot, cedarwood and chamomile-infused natural salts and dried flowers; Palermo Body Soothing Milk Bath (Coconut Milk + Oatmeal) $32.00, a healing herbal concoction perfect for alleviating the mind – and dry winter skin; Gaia Herbs Golden Milk ($19.99 for a 3.7 oz. jar), a nourishing and comforting bedtime beverage made from a plant-based blend of Turmeric, Dates and Herbs, inspired by a traditional Ayurvedic recipe.

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3. Scent the mood. Spritz your body, bedroom and/or pillow with a calming mist, or apply an aromatherapy balm to help you, and your senses, drift off into peaceful relaxation. Our picks:

From left: Le Couvent Des Minimes Eau Sereine Relaxing Pillow Mist, $18 at ULTA Beauty, featuring a mix of calming essential oils and florals; Palermo Body Tranquility Aromatherapy Oil $32.00, a blend of lavender, blue yarrow and cypress relieving mental fatigue and exhaustion; Rituals The Ritual of Dao Bed & Body Mist $25, enriched with calming Yi Yi Ren and White Lotus for restful sleep and meditation.

4. Detox your bedroom. All of those electronic devices blinking around your head? They can have an adverse effect on falling, and staying, asleep. Gushée explains:

“Electronics – even cordless phones and electric alarm clocks – emit electromagnetic fields (or EMFs) that strain your eyes and your overall health. Try turning WiFi and other devices off at night to create as much distance as possible from WiFi routers. You can also crack the windows open to allow any toxic fumes inside your bedroom to escape.”

If you’re ready to go off-grid, try Gushée’s 7-night #AirplaneModeChallenge this May to reclaim those precious hours of sleep (plus receive daily sleep hacks) – it’s free!

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5. Get some shut-eye. Literally. Block out disruptive light sources with a soothing sleep mask, now available in a range of options from cute to functional. Our picks:

From left: Juve Naturals Self-Heating Lavender Aromatherapy Eye Mask (was $35.00, now $25.00 for a box of 7), warms for up to 30 minutes; Fleur’t With Me Satin Nighty-Night Eye Mask in Pearl or Black ($23.00 per mask); Sleep Master® Light Blocking & Sound Muffling Sleep Mask, $25.90, an all-in-one mask combining total light elimination and sound reduction.